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PROPOSITION opens with America’s most famous environmentalist, Chester Dotson on a mission to clean up California, and his voter initiative, Proposition Nine, is on the November ballot. Dotson has a plan to make his altruistic dream come true, but the people he recruits to bring in the vote have their own plan. A billion dollar windfall is hidden in the Proposition Nine language, and they’ll kill to get it.

Attorney Riley Scofield has kept her distance from the family’s seventh generation Napa Valley tannery, ever since her fiancé was killed there in a freak accident. When Scofield Tannery is hit with the first Proposition Nine lawsuit, Riley is in the middle of another case, but she fights through her personal demons and rises to their defense. She’s losing the Prop Nine case, unaware of the deadly conspirators at work behind the scenes. Riley’s also unaware of something else: losing will keep her alive.

Riley Scofield doesn’t like to lose, and suddenly, it’s kill or be killed—in ways you’d never imagine—unless you know about tanneries. O’Rourke’s debut novel seamlessly weaves ambition, greed, romance, murder-for-hire, family values and redemption into a must-read story of good intentions—with deadly consequences.

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In this exciting prequel to O’Rourke’s thrilling debut novel, Proposition, Napa Valley attorney, Riley Scofield is up to her pretty neck in another toxic mess. And this time it’s not just environmental.

Riley’s trying to mend a long-standing feud between the Scofield and Royster families when she’s asked to represent the sale of a client’s condemned toxic property. When Riley discovers the contamination reports have been falsified, the client’s property value goes up—way up.

The client tells everyone about their good luck, and suddenly, Riley has an office full of new clients needing help with their contamination problems. It seems like a win-win. Riley is busier than ever, but she’s also in the way of someone’s plan for making millions turning Napa Valley’s “toxic” properties green. They drop a hint on Riley—a hint that goes boom.

Riley’s fighting on three toxic fronts now: an environmental conspiracy, a fifty-year blood feud, and most important—staying alive.

Includes a bonus chapter of Denis O’Rourke’s upcoming novel, Jesus Never Drove a Desoto.
Murder • Menace • Merriment

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With The Philistine Gamble, O’Rourke adds mystery and a noir style to his mantra of Murder, Menace and Merriment.

“Compost happens.” Discount private eye Nick Gamble says that a lot, usually when he opens the mail, but today it’s worse. Our flawed and philandering PI finds his friend and mentor, Bishop Francis Xavier Augustini, dead in the church office. It doesn’t help when one of LAPD’s not-so-finest Lieutenant Hardcastle catches Nick at the murder scene and takes him in for questioning.

When Hardcastle asks for the thousandth time why Gamble killed his friend, Nick finally confesses. “It was Amway. The Bishop said I had to hold meetings, invite my friends. I only wanted to sell the soap. We argued.

Nick wants to know who really killed his friend, but the Russian Mafia, the Vatican Police, too many bad cops, and a three thousand-year-old, muscle-bound geezer keep getting in the way. They’re all after the same thing—an ancient manuscript worth millions.

Nick’s going to need a lot of help, and he gets it. There’s Leo the massive mailman, a mini fridge with a bum leg and a trick door, a secret underwear gun, and Vera Foxxe, Nick’s able assistant and long-time bride to be—the sexiest woman on earth. If you don’t believe it, ask the Dalai Lama.

This double feature will keep you guessing—and laughing—until the last page. Twice. Sorry, you’ll have to bring your own popcorn.  Includes a preview of Toxicity. Attorney Riley Scofield returns in Denis O’Rourke’s exciting prequel to Proposition.

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